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Blue Planets

by Ben

Book I of the SOFAR Trilogy

Book Cover: Blue Planets
Part of the Sofar Trilogy series:

A spaceship’s fiery crash into the Gulf of California . . .Kidnapped by a pod of dolphins . . . An injured alien with an attitude . . . Murderous clandestine agents who would just as soon kill you as look at you . . . A dire warning of an impending alien Armageddon.

Cooper Ridley has just embarked on the kayak trip from hell.

Reviews:Laurel Dunlap, Tucson, Arizona wrote:

Thank you for writing this fantastic adventure, that brings to life all the diverse habitats of the Southwest. The beauty of the desert, mountains, and sea, the folklore of Indigenous People, science exploration, and ordinary folk doing the extraordinary; this book has it all!

The Arizona Daily Star, J.C. Martin, May 2, 2004 wrote:

If you've ever wished for a UFO in your own back yard, this is pretty close. Complete with his decoder ring, Azrnoth-zin from Delphinus in the seventh world of the Yllantros system crashes his spaceship into the Gulf of California. He is rescued by an American seafaring jack-of-all-trades but not until after he has been tracked by a couple af astronomers on Kitt Peak.