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John R. Gentile – Bio

by Ben

(Photo by Katie Iverson)

A San Ignacio Lagoon Encounter. (Photo by Katie Iverson)

Throughout my life I have sought the far reaching locations around the planet, particularly to observe and photograph wildlife, and attempt to capture their essence. In my writing, I draw from many life experiences to create vivid word images and turn them into page-turning stories.  As a physical therapist for more than 30 years, I have treated a diverse population of patients from all walks of life. I have kayaked and SCUBA dived in oceans around the world. For ten years, my marine biologist wife, Katie Iverson and I studied a population of Pacific bottlenose dolphins in the Upper Gulf of California. Since 2009, Katie and I have been leading whale-watching trips to Baja California Sur, Mexico.

We live in Tucson, Arizona, with two chows, Jet and Ri-Lee. Since 2006, our backyard has become Jurassic Café, a favorite dining location for local birds, reptiles and other desert denizens.

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