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John R. Gentile – Bio

by Ben

A San Ignacio Lagoon Encounter. (Photo by Katie Iverson)

Throughout his life, John has sought far-flung locations around the planet to observe and photograph wildlife, from Africa to Australia and from Canada to South America. His photographs capture the essence of his subjects, allowing the viewer to  glimpse into their secretive lives. His writing draws from many life experiences as a physical therapist, naturalist, dolphin researcher, sea kayaker, SCUBA diver, and adventure trip leader. Since 2009, John and his marine biologist/artist wife Katie Iverson have been leading whale watching trips to Baja California Sur through their company Wild Spirit Journeys (www.wildspiritjourneys.com). As a writer of novels, short stories, and screenplays John’s writings are filled with memorable characters, sharp dialogue, and a sense of place, making for page-turning adventures that are hard to put down.

John and Katie live in Tucson, Arizona with two chows, Jet and Ri-Lee. Since 2006, their backyard, named “Jurassic Cafe,” has become a favorite dining location for local birds, reptiles and other desert denizens. To view Katie’s paintings, sculpture and photographs, go to www.katieiverson.com.