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A Breath of Trees – 2024

by Ben

Book III of The Guardians of Gaia Series

Book Cover: A Breath of Trees - 2024
Part of the The Guardians of Gaia series:

The Amazon is burning. As Emily Rosen continues her personal transformation as a "Nagual," she finds herself in the rain forest of Brazil, gathering information for a freelance special report on the complex relationship between the people and the trees of Amazonia. As a special guest of an indigenous tribe, she begins her training as a shaman, learning the ways of the forests, and seeking her connection to the iconic big forest cat, the jaguar. When a rogue mining operation invades the tribe's lands and kills the chief, Rosen is propelled into a a nightmare world of corrupt bureaucrats, deadly mercenaries, and greedy miners who will stop at nothing to destroy the forest as they seek to pull gold from the ground. When Rosen fails to check in , Jake Spinner and his team mount a rescue effort to find her. Dropped into the middle of a systemic genocide, Rosen, Spinner, Oliver Sweet and Snake discover that the stakes are so high that the trail of corruption  leads all the way to the Presidential Palace.